Much Too Much Noise

publishes conceptual stuff in various media.

This is its only website.

Its name was previously used for two zines: issue#1 & issue#2

It is run by David Pocknee

For ordering copies of physical objects, contact:


MTMN005: Selfhelplessness (Online Version)
by David Pocknee

An online version of Selfhelplessness, the choose-your-own-adventure self-help book (see below).

Format: website
Released: 2017-08-14

Click here for the website

MTMN004: Beach Bums
by Robert Blatt

A paperback book for the beach.

Released and on sale on 13 and 14 January 2017 at Weisslich Vol. 9 in Manchester and London.

First run of 20 copies.

Made by Robert Blatt

Copies can be bought directly from, a print-on-demand website:
or by contacting Much Too Much Noise via the address on the left.

Images Of The Book

An interview with Robert provided 8 Inspirational Quotes about the book!

MTMN003: Sonification of the electric field average intensity in dB above background at 76 logarithmically spaced frequencies ranging from 616 Hz to 10085542 Hz, between the dates 19-01-2016 at 00:01:30.000 and 19-01-2016 at 00:58:30.000
by Beavan Flanagan

20-track album (60 minutes)

This album transmits in sound one hour's worth of data retrieved from Nasa's WIND spacecraft, which is currently taking measurements of radio and plasma waves occurring in the solar wind (see

Made by Beavan Flanagan

Format: 32bit 44100 Hz .aif recording with .rtf liner notes and .jpg album art
Released: 2016-02-02

Download album (.zip) 419MB
Download Liner Notes (.rtf) 17KB
Artwork (.jpg)

MTMN002: Selfhelplessness
by David Pocknee

A Choose Your Own Adventure Self-Help Book
Choose your own adventure, no-one cares enough about you to do it for you.
A choose your own adventure self-help book with no answers and which will make you feel worse after reading it than you did before.

Format: 100 page book, A5 size, 6 copies printed.
Also available as pdf (below)
Released: 2016-02-02

Download Book (.pdf) 90KB

For a physical copy, contact the email address at the top of the page.

Images Of The Book

MTMN001: MG3250 Performs Cornelis Cardew's Treatise
(Tray 1: Pages 1-94)

An inkjet printer performs the first 94 pages of Cornelis Cardew's Treatise.

Format: 320kbps mp3 recording with .txt liner notes
Released: 2015-10-15

Download Recording (.mp3) 121MB

Download Liner Notes (.txt) 2.97KB